One Zero Charlie offers essentially the same creative services offered by most branding, advertising and design firms. What sets us apart is our "head in the clouds - feet on the ground" approach.

Bucolic Woodstock, Illinois, located 50 miles northwest of the heart of Chicago, is an setting ideal for imaginative thinking, the development of solutions to complex communication problems and creating marketing opportunities for clients. Woodstock is widely known as the setting for the 1993 Bill Murray and Andie McDowel film, "Ground Hog Day". Actors Paul Newman and Orson Wells along with other notables made their theatrical debuts on the stage of the celebrated Woodstock Opera House. And, beginning in 1939, Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould drew his famous comic strip in his Woodstock home and studio.

Today, the historic hamlet's many creative enterprises include film makers, writers, photographers, actors, musicians and fine artists. The design team at One Zero Charlie strives to contribute to and enhance Woodstock's creative tradition.

Our Approach

"Good design also has nothing to do with image, which is a phony work if there ever was one. Image is basically an attempt to cover up, a cosmetic to make you look better than you really do. Good design at the heart is simply honesty. It is an ingredient of character. Good design influences all parts of a business. It sustains character and honesty in every aspect of the business. Good design, therefore, is very good business indeed."

J. Irwin Miller, Chairman
Cummins Engine Company, 1979