This little two-bay CONOCO station was built in the early 1950’s, on old Illinois highway Route 14 in historic Woodstock, Illinois. Like many small American towns, state highways were rerouted around town centers leaving numerous gas stations along the way without customers. This station, in particular stopped pumping gas years ago and functioned only as a marginal auto repair business for decades. Before being renovated, it would be an understatement to say that after over 50 years of oil, gas and exhaust fumes, the place was dirty, greasy and gritty

In 2013, the building was purchased and renovated by Joeleen and Michael Stanard. It now houses one of the Midwest’s leading marketing communication and design firms, serving regional and national accounts.

The Stanards would have preferred a “Standard” station, but Joeleen says with a smile, “ This place is close enough”.

One Zero Charlie - Pre-Renvovation

One Zero Charlie – Pre-Renvovation

One Zero Charlie - Post Renovation

One Zero Charlie – Post Renovation